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Cheap Logic Plus Boilers

Ideal’s latest range of boilers is the innovative Logic+ Plus range.

With over 100 + years of expertise in making sure residents of the UK are kept warm, Ideal boilers are certainly worth exploring if you would like an heating system that won’t break the bank but continues to provide top notch heating solution.

At the moment Ideal are so confident in the quality of their new Logic + Plus range that they are offering a 7 year warranty on all boilers purchased before 31st December 2012. This type of warranty period is pretty much unheard of so it is certainly something to consider if you want this additional peace of mind.

Ideal - 7 years warranty



7 year warranty is great, but why else should I buy an Ideal Logic+ Plus boiler?

The Logic + Plus Boiler range is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Compact dimensions – perfect for installing in most kitchen cupboards
  • Preheat function and Diagnostics display – Offering you the extra control you need, when you need it
  • Wide range of Flue options
  • Low density Boiler, making it easy to lift and install
  • Preformed copper tails and Pre-wired mains lead (2m)
  • Integrated Frost protection – Offering extra protection against the cold weather
  • Built in filling loop, Translucent condensate siphon and Universal condensate connection
  • PRV wall outlet pipe included
  • Automatic bypass
  • Stand off kit including pipes
  • Pre-piping kit
  • Fully modulating operation
  • Compatible with a wide variety range of additional controls

What boiler are in the Logic+ Plus range?

The Logic + Plus range comes in 3 boiler types; Combi Boiler, Regular boiler and System Boiler. Find out more about each of these below.


Logic+ Plus Combi Boiler:

Combi boilers send hot water to taps and central heating outlets from the one individual system, helping to save space and ensure a more optimised use of heat energy.

There are 3 models of boiler in Ideal’s Logic+ Plus range. Firstly there is the Ideal Logic Plus 24kW boiler, which is perfect where the requirement for hot water is not as high within the property. This can include smaller 1 bedroom flats or apartments.

For those with more than 1 bathroom and a moderate hot water requirement, the Logic Plus 30kW model is great for middle-range properties. If you have a larger property and would like hot water on demand from numerous outlets within a property, then the Ideal Logic Plus 35kW HE Combi Boiler would provide excellent performance in a property with up to 4 bathrooms.


Logic+ Plus Regular Boilers:

Regular boilers use a cold water storage tank and feed & expansion cistern (often found in the properties loft) to feed the hot water cylinder. Regular boilers use a hot water cylinder to produce hot water. This hot water is then circulated around the properties’ pipework to the central heating system and tap.

The Logic+ regular boiler is available in 5 outputs – 12, 15, 18, 24 & 30kW, so is great for a variety of different property sizes.


Logic+ Plus System Boilers:

Like a regular boiler, system boilers use hot water cylinder to store hot water so that there is a ready supply when required. However, as most of the components needed to produce hot water are built inside the boiler,system  boilers are becoming more popular than regular boilers  as they takes up less space and are fairly straight forward to install.It is also a quicker than the process involved in getting water from a regular boiler to the radiator, as there is no need for a feed & expansion cistern in the loft.

There are 4 types of System Boiler in the Logic+ Plus range. The 15kW and 18kW models are suitable for properties where the demand for water is not excessive. If you do need more hot water in your property, then the 24kW and 30kW models in the Logic Plus System Boiler range may be more suitable.


Buying a cheap Logic Plus Boiler?

Direct Heating Supplies stock a massive range of Ideal Boilers. As with the rest of their plumbing and heating supplies, the Logic+ Plus range is available at one of the lowest prices around and if you order today then we can get you your order the next working day in most cases (if convenient).

You can call Direct Heating Supplies on 0800 181 44 88 if you have any additional questions.


Worcester Boiler 5 Year Warranty Extended

***Updated February 2013***


As one of the leading names in Boilers, Worcester Bosch are already recognised as a manufacturer of quality, reliable heating products.

In news that is sure to be warmly received by customers throughout the UK, Worcester have decided to extend their incredible 5 Year Guarantee on all new Worcester CDi and Worcester Si Gas Boiler models, up until the end of June 2013! What’s more the 5 year warranty now includes all Worcester Greenstar Oil Boiler models.

Worcester Boilers normally come with a 2 year warranty as standard but now if you buy a Worcester boiler before the end of June you will get an additional 3 years peace of mind thrown in for nothing. Just make sure the boiler has been purchased, installed and registered before the end of June*.

If you are looking to purchase a new boiler then there’s never been a better time!

What Worcester Boilers are included in the offer?

The following boilers are included in the 5 year warranty offer:

Worcester Bosch Combination Boilers:

  • Worcester Greenstar 28CDI Compact Combi Boiler - New for Jan 2013
  • Worcester Greenstar 32CDI Compact Combi Boiler  - New for Jan 2013
  • Worcester Greenstar 36CDI Compact Combi Boiler  - New for Jan 2013
  •  Worcester Greenstar 25si Combi Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar 30si Combi Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar 27CDi Combi Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar 30CDi Combi Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar 37CDi Combi Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar 42CDi Combi Boiler

Worcester Bosch CDi System Boilers:

  • Worcester Greenstar 30CDi System Boiler

Worcester Bosch CDi Regular Boilers:

  • Worcester Greenstar 30CDi Regular Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar 40CDi Regular Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar FS 30CDi Regular Boiler
  • Worcester Greenstar FS 42CDi Regular Boiler

Worcester Bosch Ri Regular Boilers:


*Terms and conditions

All Greenstar gas-fired CDi, Si and Ri condensing boilers, and all Greenstar oil-fired boilers are valid for this promotion.

  • The qualifying boilers must be serviced annually for the additional 3 year guarantee
  • The Greenstar gas-fired CDi and Si boilers must be purchased and installed between 1st September 2011 and June 2013 and registered within 30 days with Worcester, Bosch Group.
  • The Greenstar gas-fired Ri boilers must be purchased and installed between 1st July 2012 and 30 June 2013 and registered within 30 days with Worcester, Bosch Group.
  • The Greenstar oil-fired boilers must be purchased and installed between 1st July 2012 and 30 June 2013 and registered within 30 days with Worcester, Bosch Group.
  • Offer does not apply to contracts.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Worcester, Bosch Group offer.
  • Offer applies to UK mainland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland only.
  • The decision of Worcester, Bosch Group is final.

Full terms are available from Worcester Bosch themselves.

This promotion is offered by the manufacturer only and not owned or operated by Direct Heating Supplies.