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The Trianco Electric Boiler range

Trianco Boiler



Millions of people in the UK cannot have a central gas supply into their property . If this sounds like you then it’s not all bad news – an Electric boiler could be just what you are looking for. 4.5million people in the UK can’t be wrong can they?

Electric boilers have an internal heating element which transmits heat to the water as it flows through the boiler system. This hot water is then pumped around the pipework in the property.

Looking to save more on your monthly utility bills? Trianco Aztec Boilers are renowned for being 99.8% efficient, making it worth considering if you are thinking about buying an Electric Boiler.

You don’t need a large external hot or cold water tank and so won’t need to heat water in preparation for when you need it. Instead, the boiler will just circulate hot water when you need it, helping to ensure that you get the most for your money with a high efficiency system.

Trianco Boilers – Aztec Electric Boiler

This is just 1 of the reasons that electric radiators are considered to be energy efficient. No heat energy is lost  when the water is heated, unlike with gas and oil fuelled boilers, as fuels (e.g. gas or oil) is not burnt within the boiler. This means that you also do not need to have a horizontal or vertical flue in your property read to take these toxic, waste gases, outside of your property. The chance of valuable heat energy escaping is therefore reduced.


Warranty-wise, all new Trianco boilers comes with a fantastic 2 years manufacturer warranty. If anything goes were to go wrong (and touch wood it won’t!) then Trianco will deal with this for you. This offers fantastic peace of mind.

The Trianco Aztec Boiler range is available in 2 models: the Classic model and the new System model (heat outputs ranging from 6kW – 12kW).

The biggest difference between the 2 ranges is that the new Trianco System boiler comes with a  top of the range Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which makes it easy to change your boiler settings as well as making it easy to check on the health and performance of your boiler.

Direct Heating Supplies stock a large range of Trianco Boiler at great prices.  With a next working day delivery in most cases you can rest assured that once you have ordered your boiler, you’ll have it ASAP.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Boiler

Electric boilers are the most popular choice of boiler in the UK after natural gas boilers.

Some popular electric boilers available on the market at the moment are the Trianco Aztec electric boiler and the Heatrae Amptec electric boiler, but there are many other types of electric boiler available.


How do Electric boilers work?

Whereas gas boilers rely on burning gas to generate heat, electric boilers rely on the electricity from the mains supply of the property to heat elements within the boiler. Water gets hotter as it passes over these elements and once sufficiently heated the water is then pumped to where it is required.

Electric boilers remain popular because they are considered to be around 99% efficient to the end user. This is because electric boilers do not rely on the burning of fossil fuels such as gas or oil to produce heat and there is therefore no chance of losing valuable heat when releasing waste gases into the atmosphere.

The Trianco Aztec electric boiler is 1 popular electric boiler available.




Advantages of an electric boiler:

  • Increased efficiency
    A traditional gas boiler system normally disposes of waste gases by taking it out of the property via a flue or chimney. As the flue is not required in an electric boiler system setup, this means that useful heat does not escape, helping the electric boiler to run at around 99% efficiency.
  • No need for a mains gas supply
    Over 2 million homes in the UK don’t have access to a mains gas supply, making electric boilers an essential (and cheap) means of providing central heating and hot water.
  • Reduced installation costs
    If you do not currently have a gas pipe supply into your property it can cost a lot of money to get this setup. An electric boiler is a cheaper solution. It is also beneficial as you do not need to purchase a separate Flue or chimney as there is no requirement to take waste emissions from the boiler to outside of the property, as with a gas boiler. This will obviously save you money in the initial installation stage.
  • Space efficient
    The fact that a flue is not required benefits smaller properties where space is an issue. There is also a lot more flexibility in where the electric boiler can be installed, as it doesn’t necessarily need to be close to an outside wall. Unlike other types of boiler, there is also no requirement for an additional fuel storage tank.
  • Quiet
    Electric boilers are not reliant on elements within the boiler moving to generate heat. This means that electric boilers are renowned as being very quiet systems when in use.
  • Maintenance
    Electric boilers generally don’t need to be serviced as regularly as gas and oil boilers as they are considered to be like any other electrical appliance. Generally they only need maintaining  if there is a problem with the boiler itself.
  • Good for environment*
    Electric boilers rely on electricity rather than the burning of fossil fuels to generate heat. The electric boilers themselves are therefore considered more environmentally friendly than other types of boiler as there isn’t a requirement to take the waste gas emissions produced by the boiler out into the atmosphere. *However, the full environmental picture does cast doubt over the claim that electric boilers are fully environmentally friendly (see disadvantages list below).


Disadvantages of an electric boiler:

  • Not always suitable for larger properties
    Electric boilers can only heat a certain amount of water at any one time, therefore a more conventional boiler system may be more suitable to heat larger properties where hot water usage levels may be higher.
  • Environmental benefits myth
    Although the electric boiler units themselves are considered fairly environmentally friendly heating systems, there are concerns that the actual process of creating electricity itself in power stations generates the same amount of pollution as gas and oil boiler systems, therefore negating this benefit.
  • Cost of electricity
    Due to the higher cost of electricity over gas, electric boilers are considered a slightly more expensive way to provide heat to a property.
  • Potential power cuts
    By choosing an electric boiler you will be relying on an electricity source to provide hot water to your home. This means that in the event of a power cut you could be without central heating or hot water for hours or (depending on where you live) even days.


A wide range of electric boilers are available to purchase online at some really competitive prices from Direct Heating Supplies.