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Christmas in the Heating Industry

Christmas Tree

 Those of us that work in the heating and plumbing industry will know that Christmas is always a busy time.

Central heating systems and plumbing problems don’t care that it’s Christmas Day, so there is no way to ensure that your system stops working at a more opportune or convenient time.

There are of course ways to try and reduce the chances of your boiler breaking down over Christmas. Regular servicing is recommended once a year for oil & gas boilers and it certainly pays to be vigilant and try and spot potential problems before they snowball and become something more serious.

If your central heating system does pack up around Christmas time it isn’t the end of the world. It is still possible to source parts as companies such as Direct Heating Supplies do still open over the festive period.

However delays are to be expected as depots are likely to be closed or operating at reduced hours. The best thing you can do is to try and remain patient and work out when the quickest time you can get your part is.

If you are really desperate for a particular part and really cannot wait, you may need to consider either collecting the part yourself or paying  the cost of an express delivery service that can get you your item a lot faster.

Removing sludge from your Central Heating System

Sludge deposits can cause your central heating system to work inefficiently or worse still, stop working at all. The sludge is created over time as the metal within the radiators and pipework in a property, is corroded and reacts with the oxygen in the air. As a result a build up of thick black sludge is extremely common place in heating systems across the UK.

Sadly a lot of insurance companies won’t insure your combi boiler or central heating system against any damage caused by this build up. As one of the most common causes of boiler breakdown and system in the UK, there are a few ways to resolve this. However, if you want to avoid a full system flush, the most cost efficient way to remove the sludge from your boiler system is to use a filter.

One of the best products out there to do this is currently the Magnaclean whose mantra is “Prevention is Better Than the Cure


Magnaclean FilterHow does a Magnaclean work?

A Magnaclean is a filter that is fitted on the return pipework that leads to the central heating system.

The Magnaclean filter removes sludge deposits that are present in the water as it pumps through your system. Removing this sludge is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  1. Reducing fuel consumption
  2. Reducing system wear and tear
  3. Reducing boiler breakdowns and the hassle and hardship they cause.

These features combined mean the return on investment for a Magnaclean Filter is much faster than other energy efficiency/maintenance devices.

Sludge deposits are one of the most common causes of boiler breakdown and system wear and tear and Magnaclean works by removing this.

Why can fitting a Magnaclean Filter be beneficial?

There are many benefits to proactively fitting a Magnaclean to your system. Firstly, it is obviously a lot better to deal with potential irregularities in your central heating system before they escalate to something more serious. By cleaning your heating system, you can stop the build-up of sludge in your pipework and radiators before it stops these things working as they should do.

As the Magnaclean can capture the sludge deposits at a quicker rate than they are deposited in the system, the Magnaclean filter does a great job at maintaining your system. In the long term this can help your heating system to last 60-80% longer it would do otherwise.


Alternatives to A Magnaclean Filter…

A lot of large heating and plumbing companies will recommend a powerflush as the only way to deal with the build up of sludge in our heating system. The truth is that a powerflush would help, but it is costly and isn’t something that is typically covered in the cost of your monthly boiler & heating cover plans. You are therefore likely to have to pay a lot to have this service carried out by a qualified plumber or heating engineer.

You can be proactive and try and avoid this expense. Having a filter such as the Magnaclean, or alternatives such as the Sentinel Sludge Remover or the Fernox Central Heating Protector, can enable you to minimise the build up of sludge in your system, meaning you reduce the likelihood of being affected by performance issues going forward.


Where to buy?

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by Tom Key