How can a PowerFlush help your central heating?

Magnaclean FilterWe all want a reliable heating system that performs when we need it to. With most boilers amounting to a fairly substantial financial outlay, you certainly don’t want to be replacing them regularly.

The great news is that most modern boilers are built to last, so there is no need to do so. You do however have to look after them.

A yearly service from a heating engineer that is qualified to identify any problems goes a long way to maintaining the health of your heating system. Having someone objectively look at your boiler and heating system will mean that any problems or technical issues are dealt with swiftly.

If you have been having continued problems with the levels of heat generated by your radiators or if your boiler is displaying one of many possible faults, then a heating engineer may recommend that you arrange to carry out a Power Flush.

A Power Flush clears your central heating system of any debris that may be damaging to your boiler and restricting the natural flow or hot water (thereby affecting the performance levels).

This debris forms within your system when water travels around the plumbing pipework and radiators to the boiler. The water reacts with the iron in the metal work to leave deposits of iron oxide. Over time this iron oxide can develop into a thick black sludge that can block the outer lining of your radiators, stopping the heat from transferring from the hot water to the surrounding room.

This will greatly reduce the efficiency of your heating system and means that you have to pay out a lot more money to get the same level of performance.


How can a MagnaClean help?

The MagnaClean Professional filter has been developed by Adey to counteract the negative impact of iron oxide build-up. As a magnetic filter, the Magnaclean becomes part of your heating system and intercepts iron oxide from the water before it has a chance to meet the boiler.

The Magnaclean can do a full system clean within 2 hours and once this has been carried out it ensures that the levels of iron oxide don’t ever reach harmful levels, helping to preserve the condition of your entire heating system.

A MagnaClean is a great device that can reduce the likelihood of needing expensive repair work further down the line. You are also sure to enjoy the savings you will make on your heating bill – it will soon pay for itself. Although it may cost a little more than you were expecting to pay, a MagnaClean can certainly be viewed as a wise investment.

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