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Who Needs a Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety Certificate

In the UK 22 million homes use gas appliances whether it’s a boiler, cooker or fire. With such a high number of gas appliances in use the question is do you need a gas safety certificate to ensure they’re working safely?

Gas safety certificates are issued following a gas safety check. These checks take place annually and are an important way of checking whether a gas appliance and/or flue is working safely. It’s important to note that these certificates can only be issued by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has set out very clear guidelines on exactly who requires a gas safety certificate. Whether you’re a landlord, student, tenant or homeowner it’s important to know what is required when it comes to gas safety.

Firstly, if you are a landlord you have a legal requirement to ensure a gas safety certificate is issued every 12 months. If a property is managed by a letting agent then they might arrange the inspection on behalf of the landlord. Either way, there is a legal obligation to ensure gas appliances are checked every 12 months.

If you are a tenant or student then you should check with your landlord to ensure the property you rent has an up-to-date gas safety certificate. Your landlord must issue you with a copy of the certificate within 28 days of the check being completed and if you are a new tenant the copy should be given to you before you move in.

Whilst it is not mandatory for homeowners to have a gas safety check, it is strongly recommended to have one. An annual gas safety check becomes good practice for ensuring your gas appliances are safe and working correctly.

It’s important to note that all gas safety certificates must be kept for two years. Certificates can be stored in paper form or electronically.

To find your nearest Gas Safe registered engineer please visit the Gas Safe website and for more information on gas safety please visit the HSE website.

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About the author : Easy Safety Cert provide Gas Safe registered engineers with a mobile app and cloud database for completing and sending gas safety certificates.

Vaillant’s new and improved ecoTEC boilers, saving you money and energy.

vaillant-boilerThis article was written by Chris Shaw from Shaw’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd, for your local and reliable plumbers, heating and Gas engineers 

Vaillant have been leading the way in heating and hot water technologies for over 135 years with its award winning Vaillant Central Heating Boilers, hot water cylinders, intuitive controls and advanced renewables, Vaillant has a product suitable to meet everyone’s installation requirements saving you a bundle on your energy bills.

By doing any of the following steps below you can start saving yourself money and energy 

So how can you save money? Here are my top tips to save you money and energy: 

  1. If you have a boiler that is not a condensing high efficient boiler then you are wasting money and energy every time you use it, by having a Vaillant ecoTec boiler installed by a qualified Vaillant Accredited Installer you will start saving money and energy straight away as less heat is waste through the flue. 
  2. Having a power flush of the central heating system will also do wonders for your heating system as a clean heating system is an efficient system which will also help you to save money, energy and prolong the life of the Boiler, controls and radiators, I would also recommend installing a magnaclean and scale master. 
  3. Installing energy saving external controls like a programmable room thermostat with weather compensation, installing thermostatic radiator valves where required and replacing your heating pump to an A rated energy pump. 
  4. Installing a new hot water cylinder that meets the latest legislation will help you save even more money as these cylinder have been well insulated resulting in a much less hot loss 
  5. Lagging your heating and hot water pipes and insulating the loft will also help save money and energy by reducing heat loss throughout the house. 
  6. By turning your thermostat down by 1 degree can save you approx. £65.00 pounds a year 
  7. Having your boiler and heating system serviced and maintained on an annual basis will help stop those unexpected repairs and also keep any manufactures warranty valid 

Vaillants range of domestic boilers on the market:

EcoTEC plus Open Vent, Combi and System Boilers – EcoTEC Pro Combi Boiler – EcoTEC Plus 937 – EcoTEC Exclusive.


If you follow any of the tips I have listed above you will have a very good efficient heating and hot water system which would have a 7 year warranty, it will also save you hundreds of pounds a year and will reduce your energy consumption dramatically.