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Worcester CDi Compact Combi Boiler Unveiled

Worcester Bosch logoIt would be tough for Worcester Bosch to improve the range of quality Combi Boilers they already have in the Greenstar series, but they have somehow managed to do just that.

Worcester have announced that they are to be introducing 6 new Combi boilers into the UK market in January 2013: 3 x natural gas (NG) combi boilers and 3 x LPG boilers.

These new boilers will make up part of the Worcester CDi Compact range and will be ideal for mid-to-large properties with between 2-3 rooms and 1 bathroom (plus en suite). Make sure you talk to the engineer fitting your boiler before purchasing one just to make sure the boilers features bets fit the requirements of your home.

Worcesters NEW CDI Compact Combi Boilers

Worcesters NEW CDI Compact Combi Boilers


The big selling point for this new series is that size of the boiler – they are the most compact of any Worcester Bosch Combi to date:

  • Width: 390 mm
  • Height: 690 mm
  • Depth: 280 mm

The CDI Compact boilers offer a central heating output up to 24kW and a domestic hot water output ranging between 28kW-36kW, a powerful performance given the relative small size of the boilers themselves.

Flow rates range between 11.4 – 14.7 litres per minute over a 35 degree Celsius rise, depending on the boiler model.

Efficiency-wise the CDi Compact models are all top of class, with SEDBUK band A-rated condensing technology ensuring you reach efficiency levels over 90.1% – this will save you money on your heating bills going forward.

Hot Water
Water Flowrate
Product number
28CDi Compact (NG) Up to 24kg 28kW 11.4 litres/min 7716130234
32CDi Compact (NG) Up to 24kW 32kW 13.1 litres/min 7716130235
36 CDi Compact (NG) Up to 24kW 36kW 14.7 litres/min 7716130236
28CDi Compact (LPG) Up to 24kW 28kW 11.4 litres/min 7716130237
32CDi Compact (LPG) Up to 24kW 32kW 13.1 litres/min 7716130238
36 CDi Compact (LPG) Up to 24kW 36kW 14.7 litres/min 7716130239



Out of the box the CDi Compact boilers all come with a 2 year warranty. This includes 5 year guarantee on the plate heat exchange and a 10 year guarantee on the primary heat exchanger.

Worcester are running a special offer on the warranty period at the moment, so if you buy and install a new Worcester Bosch CDi Compact boiler model before the end of June 2013, you can get 3 years extra warranty. This 5 year warranty covers purchases of all Worcester Si, CDi and Ri boilers before June 30th 2013.

The Worcester CDi Compact range is certainly leading the way in terms of innovation within the heating industry, so why not find out more about the Worcester Combi Boilers available from Direct Heating Supplies.

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Have Worcester launched a new Combi Boiler Range?

Yes they have!

Worcester Bosch, one of the most well-known manufacturers of heating products in the UK, have now launched their latest models of Gas Combination Boilers.

The names of their new boilers, which have been added to Worcester’s new ‘Greenstar Classic series’, are as follows:

Greenstar 29CDi Classic Combi Boiler
Greenstar 34CDi Classic Combi Boiler
Greenstar 38CDi Classic Combi Boiler

The full specifications, brochures and installation guides are available on the Direct Heating Supplies website. (see links above).

What’s more, these new boilers replace some of Worcester’s most popular boilers and offer improved specification and greater performance.

The table that follows shows the old model of Worcester boiler than have since been superseded by the new Greenstar classic range.

Existing Part Number Existing Description NEW Part Number NEW Description
7 713 331 021 Greenstar 27CDi NG 7 738 100 216 Greenstar 29CDi Classic NG
7 713 331 022 Greenstar 27CDi LPG 7 738 100 217 Greenstar 29CDi Classic LPG
7 713 331 023 Greenstar 30CDi NG 7 738 100 218 Greenstar 34CDi Classic NG
7 713 331 024 Greenstar 30CDi LPG 7 738 100 219 Greenstar 34CDi Classic LPG
7 713 331 017 Greenstar 37CDi NG 7 738 100 222 Greenstar 38CDi ClassicNG
7 713 331 018 Greenstar 37CDi LPG 7 738 100 223 Greenstar 38CDi Classic LPG


As well as developing boilers that are compatible with a natural gas source, Worcester have also developed an LPG version of their new boiler models. All of these Worcester gas Combi Boilers are available from Direct heating supplies for a great low price with next working day delivery inmost cases.


What are the New Features of the Greenstar Classic range?

The new 29CDi, 34CDi and 38CDi boilers are top of the range, using the latest technology advances to provide improved performance and increased efficiency. The boilers operate quietly and thanks to their stylish, modern design, won’t look out of place in any home or property.


Flow rate

The biggest area of improvement in the new Gas Combi Boiler range is in the flowrate.

The 29CDi, 34CDi and 38CDi models all have an impressive heating output of 30kW but on top of this they give you improved flow rates of 12.3, 14.3 and 16.4 litres per minute (at a 35 degree temperature rise) respectively.


Energy Efficiency

All the new boilers are rated as meeting the requirements of a SEDBUK band A-rating. This means that they are all high efficiency boilers. All 3 boiler types will operate at an efficiency level above 90.1%.

This will save you money long term, especially if you are upgrading to one of these non-condensing boilers from an older model of non-condensing boiler. In this scenario you could end up saving between 20-30% off your annual heating bill.


Boiler Warranty

All the new boilers are available with a standard Worcester 2 year warranty, so if anything were to go wrong you would be covered. On top of this you also get a 10 year guarantee on the primary heat exchanger and a 5 year anti-scale guarantee on domestic hot water heat exchanger (offers are subject to terms & conditions) when you purchase a 29CDi, 34CDi or 38CDi.

For those that want to buy a boiler this year, we recommend ordered sooner rather than later. The reason for this? At the moment if you get your boiler from Direct Heating Supplies you can benefit from an additional 3 years of warranty.

That’s 5 years cover from Worcester instead of the standard 2. Just get your boiler registered with Worcester before 31st December 2014 (terms & conditions apply).


One more thing….Changes to the name of the Greenstar 42CDi NG

As well as introducing 3 new boiler models into the market, it is also worth noting that Worcester are changing the name of the Greenstar 42CDi Natural Gas boiler to bring it into the Classic series. It is now known as the Greenstar 42CDi Classic Natural Gas Boiler.

The specifications of the Greenstar 42CDi Classic Natural Gas Boiler remain exactly the same as the Greenstar 42CDi Natural Gas model.



Where to buy?

All the new Worcester Gas Combi Boilers mentioned in this blog entry are available on the Direct Heating Supplies website. Great low prices and fast delivery are guaranteed. Browse online or call Direct Heating Supplies on 0800 181 4488.