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Worcester Bosch Release Details of Latest Si and i Junior Boilers

The Worcester 28i Junior Boiler

As 1 of the UKs biggest manufacturers of Combi Boilers, Worcester Bosch are always looking to develop their existing range of condensing boiler models.

As such details have emerged that Worcester have redeveloped 2 of their biggest selling ranges – the Si and I Junior’s. Here’s an overview of the main changes:


25Si and 30Si

The Si range has undergone significant change, with the old Si models being changed into Compacts. The name ‘Compacts’ refers directly to the streamlined dimensions of the new boiler units and showcase the biggest difference.

At 690mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 280mm (d), the Compact series follows in the footsteps of the CDI Compact series (unveiled in 2012), allowing homeowners to hide their boiler away neatly out of public view if required in cupboards.

It also has a brand new heat exchanger and comes pre-plumbed, making it easy for installers to fit. The Si range therefore remains a great choice for small to medium sized properties with 1 bedroom.


24i and 28i Junior

The i Junior range of boiler have been revamped to be even more compatible with Worcester’s range of latest heating controls and is now more efficient than ever in standby mode.

However the biggest change is to the hot water temperature control. The previous incarnation of the I Junior series had an automatic hot water temperature, so homeowners were unable to control this, however this can now be set from the boiler front itself. This obviously means the homeowners can look to be a lot more efficient and reduce their heating bills.


Both boilers are covered by Worcester’s excellent warranties and remain fully compatible with Worcester’s range of heating controls. To find out more, why not contact Direct Heating Supplies on 0800 181 4488.

The Green Deal is finally here

Green Deal

Green Deal

Although a tad delayed, the Green Deal is now finally up and running across the UK as of today (Monday 28th January 2013).

Home-owners can take out a loan and use this money to improve the efficiency levels of their home. The government believe that this will bring many homes up to date and will pass savings to homeowners thanks to reduced monthly heating payments.

The government has stated that smaller comes could be better off as much as £120 a year whereas larger homes could benefit by as much as £270.

There are environmental benefits too, as great efficiency levels means lower carbon dioxide emissions, something that is bound to improve the carbon footprint of your home.

To benefit from the loan you initially start out by having your property assessed. Recommendations will be made as to how you can improve your property. This can include aspects such as:

  • Boiler upgrade
  • Central Heating improvements (i.e. pipework, radiators etc.)
  • Insulation
  • Double glazed windows

After the assessment you are then lent the money by an approved Green Deal Finance Company. This loan is attached to your property, so you pay back the loan (including interest levels that reach a maximum of 6.92%) over a sustained period of time as part of paying your monthly heating bills.

A quick search of the internet will tell you that there are lots of different Green Deal Finance companies out there, so if this is of interest to you why not ask one for a no obligation assessment. You can ask for a few assessments from different companies if you want a few different opinions from other sources. Make sure they can all show you the official Green Deal symbol though that acts as proof that they have been accredited.