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The following guest article was written by Hattie Hasan of Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

Women plumbers

What is the Stopcocks Solution? Stopcocks is the only national company of self employed female plumbers. So how exactly are we different?

As a company of women plumbers it’s not as though we were ever going to fit in. But rather than seeing that as a disadvantage, we see that as a source of strength and have turned it to our advantage by creating The Stopcocks Solution . Being outside gives you clearer sight, you can see things those within the existing culture can’t.

We looked at three things…

  1. What do customers want?
  2. What is wrong with the existing culture?
  3. Where do women excel?

…and we applied the answers to plumbing.

The answers are simple and obvious and give us a clear advantage.

Customers want their heating and plumbing to work efficiently, a fair price, tradespeople they can trust who treat them, their homes and their time with respect and who don’t patronise.


What’s wrong with the existing culture?

Plumbers have a terrible reputation, for not turning up, not respecting customers time or homes, for being unscrupulous, untrustworthy and patronising and for getting away with a rubbish job when they can. (We know not all traditional plumbers behave like this but it is the dominant culture and it goes right through like the letters in Blackpool Rock).


Where do women excel? – Customer Service – Whether women like it or not we are prepared to deliver great customer service all our lives.

Other than the quality of our plumbing, all the requirements of customers and problems with the existing culture of plumbers fall under the label of customer service which women, either by nature or nurture are perfectly trained to fit.

So that’s what we do. We gather women plumbers and train women to be great plumbers and we use their natural (or trained) talents in customer service, plus we train our plumbers in customer service and we let you know that by using a Stopcocks Woman Plumber you’ll receive not just great plumbing, but exquisite customer service all at a fair price.

Why pay more for less, when you can pay a fair price and have the best?

The Stopcocks Solution is simple.


To find out more about Stopcocks please visit their website. Alternatively to browse a full range of plumbing & heating supplies please visit www. - next day delivery in most cases.

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