Glow Worm Boilers: What’s in the full Boiler range?

Glow Worm BoilerGood news! We have now added a whole new selection of Glow Worm boilers to the Direct Heating Supplies website.

We therefore have more combination, regular and system boilers for sale on our website than ever before.

Find out more about the boilers available from Glow-Worm:


Glow Worm Combi Boilers

A combi boiler works as part of a closed hot water system, using the mains water pressure to provide both central heating and hot water for use in the home.

When it comes to investing in a new combi boiler, you tend to focus on 2 key specification requirements;

Power: the central heating output of a boiler is measured in kW’s and dictates how powerful your boiler is. Powerful boilers are more likely to be able to deal with larger properties that have a higher central heating demand (i.e. more radiators).

Hot water flow rate: this determines the pressure at which the boiler is able to drive water around the property, with higher flowrates being more suitable for larger properties.

A qualified heating engineer will be able to advise as to which type of combi boiler would be suitable for use in your property.

Glow-Worm have 2 popular combination boiler models that offer a broad choice of options in terms of power and flow rate:

  • Glow Worm Flexicom CX Combi BoilerThe Flexicom CX range is small and compact, allowing it to fit neatly into small spaces such as kitchen cupboard. It comes in a range of heating outputs including 18kW, 24kW and 35kW and has flowrates between 9.6 – 14.4 litres per minute depending on the model you choose.The 24CX and 30CX Flexicom models are probably more suited for smaller 1 bedroom properties although the 35CX Flexicom model could service a 2 bedroom property.
  • Glow Worm Ultracom 2 CXi Combi BoilerThe Ultracom 2 boiler is not as small as the Flexicom range (although it does still fit neatly into your property) but it does provide higher levels of power, with kW outputs stretching between 18.5 to 30kW depending on your particular needs and budget.On top of this the Ultracom2 CXi can give exceptional high levels of hot water flowrate between 10.4 – 14.6 litres per minute, helping to make the Ultracom range of combi boilers suitable for medium to large sized properties.


Glow-Worm Regular Boilers

Regular Boilers are traditionally found in older properties, larger homes or low pressure areas across the UK where combi boilers are not suitable. They generate the hot water for use in the central heating features such as radiators but work alongside a hot water cylinder and feed & expansion vessel to store and provide hot water for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Regular Boilers tend to take up more space than combi boilers but allow you to draw upon a ready supply of hot water without compromising the levels of performance at other hot water outlets such as showers and taps.

  • Glow Worm Flexicom HX Heat Only BoilersThe Flexicom comes with a built in anti-frost protection and due to its shallow depth, it can fit neatly into most standard cupboard spacing, helping it to operate almost unnoticed in the background of the property.With 6 regular boilers in the range with heating outputs varying between 12kW to 35kW, the Flexicom HX range offers an extensive choice for those with differing heating needs.
  • Glow Worm Ultracom HXi Heat Only BoilersThe Ultracom HXi range of regular (heat only) boilers is a small and compact  range of combi boilers that offers an expansive range of heating outputs (from 12kW all the way up to 38kW).An Ultracom HXi Regular boilers gives you A-rated heating performance and gives you the option to convert it for use alongside a LPG fuel supply without the need to buy any additional accessories.


Glow-Worm System Boilers

System boilers work much like regular boilers but differ in so much that they require less space due to the fact that many of the components are built into the system boiler itself, removing the need to have items such as a cold water feed & expansion vessel.

There are 2 models of system boiler in the Glow-worm range:

  • Glow Worm Flexicom SX System Boilers:The SX range of Flexicom Glow Worm boilers is much like the Heat only boiler range in so much that it provides a high efficiency system boiler that can fit neatly into most cupboard spacing thanks to a shallow depth of just 280mm.It comes in just the 2 outputs 18kW and 30kW, but this does mean that there is a system boiler option in the SX series for both smaller and larger properties.
  • Glow Worm Ultracom 2 SXi System BoilersThe SXi range of System boiler offers the premium levels of heating performance. With a spectrum of heating outputs (between 12kW – 30kW) you will be able to find a SXi system boiler that will fit your property, not matter what the size.The Ultracom 2 SXi range of system boilers also come with an inbuilt digital plug in control, integrated filling loop and is easy to install thanks to the ne way fit connections.


Where to buy?

At Direct Heating Supplies our Glow Worm boilers are available with next working day delivery in the majority of cases, so order today for a great price and fast dispatch.


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