Tips for keeping your paperwork and receipts together

Paperwork organisation

Paperwork and receipts are the bane of any plumber and heating engineer’s life.

Quotes for customers are written on any material available, receipts are lost in the black hole that is the glove compartment in your van and invoices are hastily written on the backs of bits of paper. So here are some top tips to keep those bits of paperwork in order:

Plastic sleeves

These are invaluable; keep one in the front of your car/van/mode of transport, it’ll just help you get into the habit of keeping the paperwork somewhere that will be safe when the windows are open. Also, you can forget about it for a few days, and not run the risk of the paperwork or receipts going walkabout.

It also makes it easier for you sorting through when you finally do get round to checking your paperwork and receipts. You just have to pick up the sleeve from the front of your van, and not spend half an hour checking every nook and cranny for that heating invoice or receipt that’s gone missing.

A stapler is your best friend

Even if the documents don’t necessarily have to be together, over the course of a busy day you can just staple everything together, making it much less likely for you to loose that one sheet. Just chuck a stapler in the front of your van, it takes up no room, and it only takes a minute.


If you have the time and patience, scan those absolutely vital pieces in. It’s annoying and takes time, but at least you then know you have two copies, so if one does go walkabout all is not lost.

Online storage

For the more tech savvy of you heating engineers and plumbers, this can be an easy way of backing up everything you have. Using an online storage such as Dropbox can be a great way of ensuring you still have all your files safely stored in case your computer does decide to delete anything important.

Make Time

If you can just set aside 10 minutes a day to put anything important into a folder. It doesn’t matter what order it’s in, as long as it’s in there. Have the folder in a place where you walk past every day even, so that when you do, you’ll remember that bit stuffed in your pocket that you have to chuck in.

Just follow these tips, and those bits of paperwork that other people insist on giving you throughout the day won’t get lost or take up any of your time!

Written by the team at YourTradeBase


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