Make your heating & plumbing enhance your Urban Industrial interior

Industrial inspired interiors are hot for 2013, the originality and individual style that can be created is second to none!

A mix of genuinely old or vintage pieces with carefully selected new items and odd flea market finds are the basis for industrial interiors. For urban industrial inspired Furniture, Lighting and Accessories you can visit Designer Living Online, London’s home to gorgeous interior pieces.


Industrial inspired interiors

If you’re starting out with a derelict space then you’ve got a great head start! For those of you with a blank canvas start thinking of old warehouses and factories, exposed pipes and rough surfaces will be crucial to a successful end result.

When it comes to your heating and plumbing – the bigger and bolder the radiators and pipes, the better. Forget the sleek and slender modern technology that’s barely visible, you need raw metal and black painted pieces! The overall look and feel must be unfinished. Make your pipes the central focus of your living space, work around them with rough textures and reclaimed articles!

Wood and Metal are the key materials for industrial interiors. Strong angular shapes and soft neutral fabrics will be a complimentary juxtaposition in your home.

Article written by Designer Living Online.


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