What exactly is a Regular Boiler?

Regular Boiler setupRegular boilers are also commonly referred to as conventional boilers or open vented boilers.

A regular boiler is a common boiler setup in households across the UK, with many people relying on regular gas boilers to provide warmth and hot water to their home. The boiler will heat the water and this is later stored in a hot water cylinder. When you use hot water outlets such as taps, baths or showers, you then draw on this hot water. The hot water cylinder works alongside a cold water cistern to give you the water at the temperature you require.

The best thing about having a conventional boiler in your home is that you will have a store of hot water that can be utilised exactly when you need it across a number of hot water outlets. This means you can run a hot shower and a hot kitchen tap at the same time you can do so without recognising a difference in hot water performance. This does not happen with a combi boiler, where sharing the mains water pressure reduces the hot water performance at both hot water outputs. You will probably hear the yelps if someone gets hit by a cold burst of water in the shower!

A regular boiler removes this concern by providing an efficient level of hot water across multiple hot water outputs. The only negative with a regular boiler is that if you use the entirety of the hot water stored in the cylinder you will have to wait for your boiler to replenish this supply. This is an irregular occurrence in most cases as most households invest in a cylinder that is more than capable of dealing with the regular hot water demand.


What about hot water cylinders?

Hot water cylinders come in a variety of different sizes, so you can certainly store a substantial amount of hot water, ensuring hot water is ready when you need it.

As you will need an external hot water cylinder and cold water cistern, you will need to have enough space in your home to store this additional equipment. Commonly these items are installed in the properties’ loft space as every day access is not really required, with people only really needing to visit these items for servicing and installation purposes.

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Where to purchase?

There are a variety of regular boilers available, with popular models coming from manufacturers such as Worcester and Vaillant who give homeowners a broad choice of  heating outputs and boiler functionality.

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