What’s the difference between an intelligent room thermostat and a programmable one please?

There are so many different room thermostats out there that it is only natural that the exact functionality may be a bit confusing. If you are looking around you may come across heating controls that state that they are “intelligent”.

We have a lot of people ask us “What exactly is an intelligent room thermostat?”. Hopefully this will go some way to answering this question!

An intelligent room thermostat, also known as a  “learning thermostat”, is one that can adjust to your properties requirements and optimise to work in a manner that best suits the way in which you use your heating.

For example, you may want to set your central heating up so your property is 22°C when you get home from work at 6pm. With a standard programmable room thermostat your central heating will only start to operate from 6pm, meaning the temperature is below the desired temperature while it works towards the 22°C mark.

 An intelligent room thermostat contains the functionality to look at the way you have used your heating previously and work closely with your boiler to maintain the best hot water temperature. This gives you a more personalised and intuitive performance.

This means that if your boiler does not need to be working at its optimum level, it does not have to. An intelligent room thermostat will be able to work with your boiler to reduce the temperature of water coming from your system, helping to make your heating system more efficient in the process.

So in the above example, an intelligent thermostat could use the history of how your heating has been operated previously to provide a more comprehensive performance, ensuring that your home is already achieving a room temperature of 22°C at 6pm when you get home.

Intelligent room thermostats certainly offer added functionality and allow you to optimise your central heating system further, something that can benefit you financially in the form of cheaper heating costs.

There is such a broad range of room controls out there that you are almost certain to find one that will suit the particular needs of your property, with both mechanical and digital thermostats available that can either be used wired or wirelessly, depending on the model you buy.

Our top tip….always discuss your exact requirements with a heating engineer before purchasing anything, just to make sure it is the right product for your central heating system.

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