What Heating Control, Thermostat or Timer is best for me?

There are so many different contraptions out there to control the timing and temperature of your internal heating, it can often be a tad overwhelming having to choose which one you are going to purchase for use with your central heating system.

The first thing to acknowledge is that there are heating controls, timers and room thermostats that only work with specific models of boilers, whereas there are other heating controls that universally work with all types of boilers (Honeywell and Danfoss being 2 popular such manufacturers).

There are also different types of boiler controls – so you can get a mechanical, digital or wireless heating controls, depending on your preference and how much you are prepared to pay for them.

We talk about some of the most popular heating controls below to give you an idea of what types of thermostats and timers are available.



The following heating controls use a digital interface. They are all easy to use thanks to the high quality digital screen and simply programming functions.

  • Honewell CM901 Room Thermostat (aka Honeywell CMT901)
    Set your central heating how you want it over a 24 hour period using the CMT901. It is compatible with all combi boilers (thanks to its 2 wire, volt free connections) and has a simplistic, LED screen that makes it easy to use.
  • Honewell CM927 Room Thermostat (aka CMT927)
    The CM927 gives you 6 different temperature options per day – so you can have optimum control over a 7 day week. Like the CM901, the CM927 is easy to install alongside all combi boilers (thanks to its 2 wire, volt free connections) and has an LED screen- which makes it easy to programme the thermostat how you want it. The additional option of holiday mode makes it easy to set when you plan to be away for a set amount of time – so it’s one less thing to worry about when you are going away.
  • Vaillant TimeSWITCH 160 Digital Timer
    The Vaillant 160 Timeswitch plugs into the boiler fascia and lets you stipulate when your boiler is on/off over a 7 day period. It is fully compatible with the entire range of Vaillant new boilers; including the EcoTEC Plus, Pro and Exclusive boiler models. It’s renowned as being easy to set up thanks to the simple operating approach.
  • Vaillant VRC470 Thermostat
    The VRC 470 Programmable Room 7 day Digital Room Thermostat from Vaillant allows you to set 3 different temperatures for each day of the week. The VRC470F is only compatible with the new range of ecoTEC boilers produced from March 2012 onwards.
  • Worcester DT20 Twin Channel Programmer
    The Worcester DT20 allows you to set 3 temperature settings a day, for each day of the week. This gives your maximum control over your properties central heating functionality. With an easy to use digital display, green light (to make it usable in low light conditions) and an automatic summer/winter clock update, the DT20 really makes itself easy to use.


Mechanical TimerMechanical

The following heating controls use a mechanical function to control the temperature of your property. In many cases you have to physically flick a switch or use a series of dials to stipulate the desire room temperature.   They are all simple to use and ideal for those that don’t want a digital timer.

  • Worcester MT10 Mechanical Timer
    Control when your heating comes on and off over the course of a day using the Worcester’s MT10. This model is compatible with Worcester Greenstar Si, CDi, Highflow CDi and i Junior boilers.
  • Vaillant 150 Analogue Timer
    Vaillant’s version of the Worcester MT10 is the 150 Analogue Timer – it gives you optimum control over a 24 hour period. It works with all new EcoTEC Plus, Pro and Exclusive boiler (brought before March 2012).


Wireless ThermostatWireless

Wireless heating controls allows your boiler to talk to your heating control unit wirelessly, in many cases using radio frequency. The main benefit of this is that can place your heating controls in another part of your property, making it more convenient to programme your properties heating.Find out more about some of the popular wireless devices available:


  • Worcester MT10RF Wireless Mechanical Thermostat
    The MT10RF works wirelessly with your Worcester boiler to control your heating over a 24 hour period. You can stipulate different temperatures depending on whether it is day or night, meaning you can maximise the heat in your home and .
  • Worcester DT10RF Wireless Digital Thermostat
    Using radio frequency, the DT10RF talks to your Worcester boiler wirelessly to utilise 6 heating settings over the course of a day. It is fully compatible with all Greenstar combi boilers in addition to Greenstar system boilers where an optional integral diverter valve is being used.
  • Vaillant VRC470F thermostat
    It couldn’t be easier to programme your heating over a 7 day period (with 3 bespoke temperature settings for each day) using Vaillant’s wireless thermostat. Please note this is only compatible with the new range of ecoTEC boilers produced from March 2012 onwards.

Visit the Direct Heating Supplies website for more information about the staggering array of thermostats and timers available.

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