The benefits of an Electric boiler

Trianco BoilerElectric Boilers are a fantastic way to provide your property with warmth and hot water if your property is not hooked up to the mains natural gas network or if you do not want to consider other fuel options such as oil or LPG. Electric boilers work like any other electrical appliance, so don’t need to be serviced regularly like their gas & electric equivalents.

Trianco Aztec System Boiler

With optimum levels of efficiency, electric boilers are able to provide the highest possible levels of heating and  as no flue is required to get rid of potentially toxic waste gases, it is easy to install too as you have a greater amount of flexibility in where the boiler can be installed within the property.

Electric boilers are generally considered to be the most environmentally friendly fuel types as the combustion of fossil fuels does not occur within the appliance (although some people take the counter opinion and believe that this is misleading as the combustion of fossil fuels actually occurs in power stations when the electricity is initially being created).


What Electric Boilers are out there?

Trianco Electric boilers are amongst the most popular Electric boilers available in the UK. The new Trianco system boiler range utilises the latest technology and is one of the best sellers within the electric boiler market.


Although electricity is currently slightly more expensive than gas as a fuel source, at an efficiency level of 99.8% you know you will be getting the most for your money.

Trianco boilers are lightweight, small in size and most of the installers we have spoken to have stated how easy they are to install.

With appliances available in outputs ranging from 6kW to 12kW, there is likely to be a Trianco electric boiler that will generate the levels of heat and hot water that you require – just talk to your installer for more advice. As you don’t need an annual service, you will save money by virtue of having a reliable and efficient electric heating system in place within your property.

The Trianco Aztec electric boiler is 1 popular electric boiler available.

The self-diagnostic checking makes it easy to ensure your electric boiler is working as it should be and thanks to the state-of-the-art PCB (new and improved from Trianco), you can be confident that your system will remain resolute. At the end of the day if something more serious goes wrong with your Trianco boiler, you are covered with a 2 year warranty that comes as standard with any new purchase.

It’s certainly worth considering a Trianco Electric boiler if you want an electric boiler for your home.

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