Worcester Boilers – What Cheap Boilers Are Available?

Cheap Worcester boilersInitially specialists in oil fueled boilers, Worcester out in 1962 providing efficient heating solutions. Since then they have established themselves as market leaders with a massive range of to quality products.

Worcester (part of the Bosch Group) are a popular UK brand synonymous with quality. Over 2000 employees are trained to put the customer first and their product range looks to lead the way in desig and efficiency.

Worcester Boilers,in houses and properties up and down the country (and further afield), are popular for they broad range of gas, electric & oil boilers:

Worcester Gas boilers:

The Worcester 28i Junior BoilerIf you want a Combi boiler (1 that combines central heating provision and hot water from the one system), then there is a massive range to choose from with Worcester.

The Greenstar CDi series is the top model in a quality Worcester Combi-boiler range. it provides efficiency & reliability in equal measure, offering an array of options to help give you all the control you need to maintain your properties heat.

The Greenstar CDi range is suitable for larger properties due to its high level of performance – something not all combi boilers are able to say. For properties with multiple large bathrooms, there is also the free standing Worcester Highflow series, which can provide a high powered performance.

If you don’t need to have a top of the range Combi Boiler to efficiently provide heating & hot water in your property then you can choose from Worcester’s mid range - the Greenstar Si. The Greenstar Si is just as efficient as the CDi range, but it is a little more  suitable for smaller properties (ie. apartments, flats & smaller houses with just the one bathroom).

There is also the Greenstar Junior range which is, as the name suggests, is perfect for properties with a low demand for hot water and little spac – a great choice for small properties.

If you currently use an external hot water tank or cold water cylinder then Worcester can also help out with it’s range of regular gas boilers and system boilers. It’s worth talking to your Gas Safe installer to ensure you pick the correct boiler for your needs.


Worcester LPG boilers:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) fueled boilers, popular for people that want a gas boiler but don’t have a direct main gas supply, come in exactly the same range as their Gas boiler range (i.e. Greenstar models). The only difference is that there is that the LPG boilers are designed to fit a LPG fuel source – it’s nice and easy to get started.


Worcester Oil boilers:

Due to the higher price of oil over gas, Oil boilers are seen as being more expensive than gas & electric boilers. However they are still common in larger premises and properties that don’t have a mains gas supply.

Worcester’s Oil Combi boiler range is known as the Greenstar Heatwave. It is suitable for use in kitchens (as it is standalone) and benefits from the best official boiler efficiency rating available.

As with the Gas and LPG range, Worcester also produce a range of Regular and system boilers with the floor-standing Greenstar Camray range proving to be a popular means heating a property.


Where to buy

Worchester boilers are one of the most recognisible range of boilers available and as such are available in most reputable stockists. However, if you want great prices and speedy delivery, try Direct Heating Supplies. Not only are they a recognised Worcester Boiler stockist but you are also guaranteed to get a first class service when purchasing your cheap Worcester boiler.

Check out the full range of Worcester boilers.

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