Trianco Electric Boilers

Trianco (TR Enginerring) has a renowned pedigree for supplying sophisticated oil fired and solid fuel boilers for the domestic market – a natural extension of pioneering range cooker development in the early nineteenth century.

It was a logical step therefore to combine this expertise with the application of modern technology to launch the Aztec electric boiler range, now brought to you by TR Engineering.  Aztec Classic electric boilers are wall mounted systems designed with practicality in mind – suitable for just about any application in any type of property.

Fitted vertically and only requiring front access for servicing, the aztec classic is compact in size from 143mm deep x 165mm wide to between 550mm and 1080mm high, meaning they can be installed in the smallest of spaces.

Once switched on, the Aztec is fully controlled by a solid state management system which automatically monitors its safety and running functions. Designed to work on a fully pumped wet system, these boilers produce hot water by passing cold water over long life replaceable elements housed in an insulated stainless steel heat exchanger. If you need to heat a house, flat, mobile home or apartment efficiently and effectively, the Aztec Classic has it all.

The Trianco Aztec Classic Electric Boiler is ideal for application where gas or oil are unavailable. The Trianco electric boilers can be linked together in any combination to provide you with larger outputs.

One example of the new range is the Trianco Aztec Classic Electric Boiler 9kw TRI-9 which has a temperature output that varies from 50°C - 75°C to supply all form of heating from under floor to conventional radiators.

The Trianco Aztec Classic Electric Boiler 9kw TRI-9 requires no flue or fuel supply tank and release no noxious gasses. The Trianco Aztec TRI-9 offers a 99.8% efficiency rate and is virtually maintenance free. The Trianco Classic Electric Boiler TRI-9 also has individual stainless steel elements that are self diagnostic checking that that soft switch to preserve the life of the element and prevent interference.

Product Highlights

* Kite Marked
* Can be installed almost anywhere
* Outputs up to 12kW
* No flue or fuel supply tank required
* No noxious gases
* Easy to install
* Virtually maintenance free
* 99.8% efficient
* Replaceable elements
* Self diagnostic checking
* Soft switching to preserve element life and prevent interference
* Resettable thermal safety cut-out
* Compatible with solar power
* Comprehensive 2 year guarantee

The Trianco Aztec Classic Electric Boiler 9kw from Direct Heating Supplies, or all Trianco Heating Products, including all Trianco Electric Boilers please take a look here.

The Trianco Classic Electric Boiler

The Trianco Classic Electric Boiler


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