Worcester 28i Junior Combi Boiler

The Worcester 28i Junior BoilerThe Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior Combi Boiler : Worcester 28i Junior gas combi boilers have fast become the nations favourite combi boiler for smaller UK properties such as flats and apartments.  The combination of affordable A-Rated power consumption and adequate hot water flow provides a firm favourite amongst UK households wanting some extra power in their shower.

You can control both the hot water and central heating temperatures on a Worcester 28i Junior Boiler. They also offer the widest choice of operating features within our gas boiler range, providing the ultimate in user convenience, performance and economy. The small unit size makes it ideal to mount in a cupboard or small confined space to maximise storage.

Worcester Junior combi boilers are unique in that they condense in both heating and hot water modes, resulting in greater efficiency and fuel savings.

Central heating output: 24kW

Domestic hot water flow rate: 11.4 litres per minute at 35 degree temperature rise (provided adequate mains pressure is available)Efficiency

  • The Worcester 28i Junior is 91.8% efficient and is in the highest possible official efficiency category, SEDBUK band ‘A‘
  • This boiler is registered with the Energy Saving Trust.

Features and benefits

  • Best boiler efficiency rating (SEDBUK band A)
  • Fully condensing in both central heating and domestic hot water modes
  • Keep hot facility – instantly available hot water
  • Wall mounting frame allows pipework to be hidden from view
  • Low NOx and CO2 emissions – environmentally friendly
  • 2 year guarantee, 10 year guarantee on primary heat exchanger and 5 year anti-scale guarantee on domestic hot water heat exchanger (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Hot water and central heating temperatures can be controlled
  • Multi-directional fluing means boiler can be sited in a wider variety of places
  • Mechanical, digital and new generation intelligent controls all compatible
  • Heat load and flow generated precisely to meet the heating system’s requirements using a modulating pump
For further information on Worcester 28i Junior Combi Boilers, please see the official brochure, or for technical information, please see the Direct Heating Supplies website.
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