Heatrae Megaflo Hot Water Cylinder Review

Heatrae Megaflo Cylinder

Heatrae Megaflo Cylinder

A Heatrae Megaflo Hot Water Cylinder Review for today.

In our current time, we use more hot water than ever before. With our homes having more showers, baths and basins, hot water is both a necessity and a  pleasure. But with the demands of rising energy prices and environmental issues, we need to strike a balance – a balance that gives us performance and reliability along with economy and responsibility.

Utilising advanced technology Megaflo eco is widely regarded as the leader in unvented domestic water heating. Designed to perform faultlessly whilst minimising heat loss to maximise efficiency, it understands the balance we have to make.  So, maybe it’s time to think again, maybe you should consider a brand new high-tech hot water system. One like Megaflo eco.

  • Constructed in Duplex stainless steel for maximum strength – pressure tested to 15 bar.
  • Patented internal floating baffle system to accommodate water expansion.
  • No anode – eliminates costly anode maintenance.
  • Insulated casing for the temperature and pressure relief valve to minimise heat loss.  Unique ‘L-shaped’ long-life Superloy immersion heater reaches deeper into the tank giving more hot water.
  • Titanium immersions as standard on all direct models.
  • Patented cold water inlet diffuser minimises mixing of cold and hot water.
  • High performance ‘coil-in-coil’ heat exchanger.
  • Exceeds CHeSS* Best Practice for recovery times and insulation.
  • Improved insulation for maximum heat retention.
  • New water inlet controls increase flow rates by up to 20%.
  • Improved performance at low pressures down to 1 bar.
  • Installer friendly design.
  • Complies with future European Energy Using Products Directive.
  • New splash-proof IPX4-rated wiring centre gives greater choice of installation location.

Our new Megaflo eco range is the best choice for conserving energy while providing superior performance.

Cylinder construction
Heatrae Megaflo Cylinders are made of Duplex stainless steel, which offers a superior resistance to corrosion especially in aggressive water areas, compared with some grades of stainless steel, glass-lined steel and copper. Because Duplex is a low carbon, high chromium content alloy, it resists all forms of corrosion including pitting, crevice corrosion, uniform corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, without the use of a sacrificial anode. In addition, the tungsten inert gas welding coupled with the special post weld processes ensures the welded area has the same level of corrosion resistance and mechanical strength
as the parent metal.

This ensures the longest possible working life for every cylinder. The combination of its lightweight yet very strong construction makes Megaflo eco easier to handle on site. Every unit is pressure tested in the factory to 15 bar – five times the normal operating pressure – making Megaflo eco suitable for all domestic and commercial applications. No sacrificial anode is required with Megaflo eco. With inferior grades of stainless steel, glass-lined steel and copper, sacrificial anodes are required to achieve a degree of corrosion resistance. However they require regular replacement which, if not carried out can result in premature cylinder failure. Megaflo eco overcomes any need for this by using top quality Duplex stainless steel.

Heatrae Megaflo Cylinders are available  from Direct Heating Supplies in the UK.

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