Boiler Broken? – Why buying spare parts is often the cheapest option

With the cold weather well and truly upon us, many people across the UK encounter problems with their heating and boilers after the summer spell of inactivity.

With main problems coming from broken Heat Exchangers, PCBs, Valves and seals, more often that not, these problems can be quickly sorted with the purchase of a spare part from an aftermarket supplier such as Direct Heating Supplies.

Many folk who dont have boiler breakdown cover often face delays from plumbers or heating engineers, and at this time of the year, come at a premium, and often later than you need them.

Boiler repairs is big business, when people are choosing to repair rather than replace, sourcing boiler parts online is a quick and often hassle-free experience. With the cost of a new combi boiler in excess of £800 alone, a few parts and some labour can have your combi boiler back up and running at a fraction of that cost to give many more years of service.

So dont be left in the cold and out of pocket, look at getting your boiler repaired professionally and quickly instead of facing a huge refit bill.

Boiler spares and parts are in a great supply, and often easier to shop for than you think.

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