Vaillant VRT392F Wireless Programmable Room Control

Vaillants excellent range of digital controls continues with the VRT392F Wireless Programm Room Control for all Vaillant EcoTEC Boilers.

Vaillant VRT392F

Vaillant VRT392F Wireless Controller

The Wireless Programmable Room Control VRT 392f permanently monitors the room temperature and adapts the boiler output to maintain the desired room temperature. Therefore the VRC 392f achieves fuel savings by delivering the right amount of energy to maintain a constant room temperature by constantly adjusting the boiler to the required output level.
The new VRT392F replaces the vtr360f as the premium addition to any Vaillant EcoTEC Boiler.

Its blue backlit screen and the plain text display with numbered screens allows an easy and clear understanding of information. Only two ‘click and turn’ knobs are needed to select and change data. The Vaillant VRT 392f has 3 independent time periods per day to adapt the heating and hot water supply to your daily schedule. However if you want to adjust your time programmes temporarily an advanced heating function to override the current time programme will be available.

Even more, going on holiday the VRT 392f provides you with a holiday set-back function for Vaillant Boilers, which reduces the temperature in your property and heats is up before you come back home. There is also a calendar function for automatic summer/winter changeover.

For additional installation comfort and flexibility the VRT 392f communicates wireless through radio frequency technology with the receiver in the boiler fascia. The receiver simply needs to be plugged into the boiler fascia which dramatically reduces the installation effort and time.

The Vaillant VRT 392f can be used with all ecoTEC boilers.

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