New Range Tribune Hot Water Cylinders

Direct Heating Supplies have now introduced our new selection of Range Tribune Hot Water Cylinders.

Range Cylinders has been in the market for over 80 years, manufacturing copper cylinders, combination units and high performance Duplex

A Selection of Range Tribune Hot Water Cylinders and Tanks

Range Tribune Hot Water Cylinders and Tanks

stainless steel unvented cylinders in over 400 different sizes, types and patterns.

Every Range product is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring the unrivalled quality that customers have come to expect. Range is BSi registered with all its sites licensed to British Standard quality assurance BS EN ISO 9001:2000. This means that all manufacturing plants are monitored by an independent inspectorate and the quality systems employed meet the stringent requirements set down. We also take pride in giving our customers a service second to none.
With its nationwide distribution and exceptional product availability, it is currently one of the biggest names in hot water cylinder.
Range continues to develop energy saving and innovative hot water products for domestic and commercial applications to offer its customers state-of-the-art cylinders, able to fulfil their needs today and long into the future.
About the Range Tribune Line:
Tribune HE cylinders, manufactured from Duplex stainless steel, offer the benefits of mains pressure hot water – powerful showers and fast filling baths, making them particularly suitable for use in properties with multiple bathrooms. They offer fast reheat times and exceptionally low heat loss.
Tribune HE range comprises over 50 models in Direct and Indirect version to suit a wide variety of applications. Reduced diameter cylinders are also available, as well as pre-plumbed models designed to save on-site installation time and solar units to use with renewable energy sources.
All Range Tribune HE cylinders carry a 25-year fully transferable anti-corrosion guarantee on inner container. The expansion vessel and cold water controls supplied with these units from January 2010 carry a 5-year guarantee.
All other components fitted to/or supplied with the cylinder carry a 2-year guarantee.
Direct or Indirect Hot Water Cylinders?
Standard Unvented Tribune HE are offered in Direct and Indirect format. Direct units, designed for electric water heating, feature a Long Life Incoloy immersion heater(s), which can be used in conjunction with ‘low tariff electricity’. They are suitable mainly for domestic use. A range of sizes is available to suit various hot water demands, from heating a single shower or bath, to providing enough hot water for up to three bathrooms.
Indirect cylinders are designed for use with traditional boiler (gas, oil or electric). They have also immersion heater(s) fitted for a back-up heating. Indirect units are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications, such as sports pavilions, students houses etc.
  • Reheat time (measured from 15°C to 65°C after drawing off 70% of the capacity): From 45min to 132 min. (direct models) and from 11.26min. to 33.25min. (indirect models).
  • Insulation: 50mm-thick environmentally friendly CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam lagging.
  • Range of capacities: From 90 to 300 litres.
  • Guarantee: 25-year fully transferable guarantee against faulty materials and manufacture on the stainless steel inner container. The expansion vessel and cold water controls supplied with the cylinder from January 2010 carry a 5-year guarantee. All other components fitted to/or supplied with the unit carry a 2-year guarantee.

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