Boiler safety and maintenance

Boiler safety and maintenanceAs time has passed and the technology of boilers has leaped forward, there has been a less and less need for any real safety precautions and standard safety procedures to be aware of. With the incorporation of digital technology you are unlikely to notice when something is wrong with the boiler from directly looking at it, only from finding that the water is not getting hotter and the cosy home really isn’t that cosy.

There is however a number of simple checks and precautionary measures which can not only ensure that your boiler is working efficiently, but you remain in good health as well.

1. Boiler Insurance and Upkeep

If your boiler were to suddenly breakdown and you needed some repairs which could amount to a small fortune, setting up boiler insurance will help you to recover those costs.

2. Yearly Checks

Keeping an eye on your boiler with yearly checks from a Corgi (The Council for Registered Gas Installers) technician will help to ensure its smooth running.

3. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Often known as the silent killer, deaths from carbon monoxide leaks in the home have increased year on year. The odourless and colourless gas can be emitted from a range of appliances within the home which have not completed the burning of gas.

This could be due to the improper installation of the appliance, lack of ventilation surrounding the product or the appliance is faulty. This can usually be found through shared boiler flues or chimneys as well as a number of other household appliances.

It is a scary thought not knowing whether you have any potential leaks within the home, and as they can occur suddenly it is vital to keep tabs on. There are a number of carbon monoxide detection alarms that could be purchased off the market (usually £20 plus), which will alert you to any potential threats.

4. Free Boiler Checks

Keeping up with the on-going maintenance of your boiler can certainly hit you in the pocket, but if you contact the EST (Energy Saving Trust) you may qualify for free checks via the priority services register.

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