£3000 towards a new boiler!

Have an old boiler sitting in the house making a noise, gathering dust and probably giving out a bit of a pungent smell? Put it altogether and you probably try to ignore the fact one exists in your home, as you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle and costs involved of replacing it.

Well, why not find out how old your boiler is, after all you could just be in with a chance to win £3000 to go towards a new one!

A search has begun in Britain to find the oldest working boiler with a £3000 prize at stake to go towards a new high energy efficient boiler. The current oldest boiler that has been found is 32 years old and can be found in Alnwick.

Sometimes boilers can really last a lot longer than you might think, with this 32 year old boiler out living the 24 year marriage of the owners. And now they are first in line to win the prize unless an older boiler can be found in Britain.

Npower who were inspired to launch this ‘treasure hunt’ have overseen many removals of very old, ancient boilers since the Government boiler scrappage scheme had been introduced.

The Head of Sales at Npower, Richard Cotton said that: “In our search for Britain’s oldest boiler, we’ve already uncovered many boilers more than 30 years old, with some families owning boilers that are older than their grown-up children and in some cases, as with this boiler in Northumberland, older than their marriage.”

Think you could be in with a chance with your old boiler? Find out how to enter by emailing kate.dawson@europe.mccann.com

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