Combination and Condensing Boilers – What is the REAL difference?

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One of the most confusing topics when it comes to finding out whether you have or need a combination, condensing or condensing combination boiler is determining which is which. Combi and condensing boilers are both uniquely different, but so often misconstrued to be very much alike!

This blog post will drill in to the nitty gritty of each of these types of boiler and offer a full explanation on why they are so different.

Let’s start things off with combination boilers. The main characteristics of combi boilers are:

  • They do not include a hot water tank to provide heat, saving storage space.
  • Most combi boilers are wall mountable, saving further space in the property.
  • Provides hot water instantly (as required) rather than having to wait for the boiler to heat up, saving energy and more importantly money on excess hot water.
  • Almost all of the modern combi boilers on the market utilize 90% efficiency.
  • Extremely easy to install

Despite their near impeccable characteristics, it still has its flaws. And the main problem with combi boilers is that if you operate two or more hot water taps in different locations of the property the hot water flow will drop, making them more suitable for small properties.

Now let’s take a look at the ‘not so similar’ condensing boiler characteristics:

  • The newest boiler type on the market, which provides higher operating efficiency levels of 93%.
  • Very similar to the conventional boiler set up
  • They reduce the amount of heat given off from the gases in the flue, reducing temperatures from an estimated 300 degrees to 50 degrees.
  • Consists of a larger heat exchanger than conventional boilers and sometimes even two.

Now put them all together and what do you get….a condensing combination boiler!

Let’s take a look at its characteristics:

  • Does not require a hot water tank like regular condensing boilers do
  • Incorporates both combi and condensing technology making this type of boiler one of the more efficient boilers out
  • As a result of their higher efficiency however they tend to be the most pricey types of boiler available.
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